Superior Spa Hotel Olympia is classified (The Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants) like a four-star hotel and is also officially certificated like nongovernmental medical institution in Carlsbad. Hotel offers standard accommodation and boarding services and also complex spa treatment and free entry to the hotel´s wellness centre.

Quality of provided services in hotel spa Olympia is guaranteed by exclusive standards of Superior Spa Colection under management of Axxos Hotels & Resorts. Hotel Spa Olympia takes care about its visitors by luxury equipment and also by the top class spa services and procedures, which are one of the best in Carlsbad.

Accommodation in large and calm rooms

  • 37 rooms on 4 floors with a minimal size of 23m2
  • 9 very calm Superior Atrium rooms
  • 24 excellent Superior Park rooms with a spa zone view
  • 4 astonishing Suite Apartment rooms with a detached bedroom and living room

Since 2012, Superior Spa Hotel Olympia has been connected to the Carlsbad main healing spring. All water procedures provided in wellness spa part of the hotel used original healing spring water, which maximize effect of spa healing stay in hotel Olympia Carlsbad.

Reception Services

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Hotel History

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Water and Carlsbad

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