Water and Carlsbad

History of Hot Spring Colonnade

Many years ago there were only light sheds above the emergence of Vřídlo in front of the Maria Magdalena Church. These sheds were easy renewable, if the spring suprisingly erupted. In 1774 were there built a huge Baroque geyser hall, which followed healthy treatment of David Becher which featured drinking water by the spring. In 1826 was built first real colonnade – Spring colonnade in beautiful empire style.

Between 1878-1879 was on the same place built new iron colonnade, whose architects were Fellner and Helmer from Wien. Sixty years agou was this colonnade because of corrosive action demounted and for another 35 years there was only provisional arrangement. In 1975 was built modern glass iron-cement Spring colonnade in functionalist style, which you can find there now.

The geyser of Vřídlo is an unique natural phenomenon. It produces 2000 liters of mineral water per one hour and thanks to high pressure it scoots to 12 meters. Vřídlo is the only spring which is used for baths. Our mineral water is for a lot of patients very hot, so it is chilled (50 and 30 ºC) and distributed to 5 spring vase, which are marked A, B, C. One part of this water is used for spa hotels, another water for making Carlsbad spa salt and spring souvenirs.

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