Best Care in Carlsbad

Since 2012, Superior Spa Hotel Olympia has been connected to the Carlsbad main healing spring. All water procedures provided in wellness spa part of the hotel used original healing spring water, which maximize effect of spa healing stay in hotel Olympia Carlsbad.

SPA Hotel Karlovy Vary Olympia is a member of exclusive group of Superior Spa Collection of Axxos Hotels & Resorts company and it is focused on traditional Carlsbad therapies. Hotel wellness and spa equipment is ready to solve any of your issues including:

diseases of digestive tract – stomach ulcer, duodenum ulcer, diseases of gall bladder, of pancreatic gall and intestines
metabolic disorders – diabetes, goat, arteriosclerosis, obesity
diseases of locomotor organs – rheumatism, spinal column and joints problems

Hotel Wellness Equipment

Every guest of hotel Olympia can enjoy unlimited entry into hotel wellness, which dispose of large swimming pool with breathtaking…

Spa Procedures

Spa services provided in Superior Spa Hotel Olympia Carlsbad are definitely, thanks to many rewards, the top of Carlsbad healing…