Hotel Wellness Equipment

Everything under one roof

Every guest of hotel Olympia can enjoy unlimited entry into hotel wellness, which dispose of large swimming pool with breathtaking view over the Theatre square and of course sauna. During curring long stay accomodation, full spa including all medical procedures of Carlsbad and doctor is available directly in the hotel. Hotel Olympia is one of the few hotels connected to healing springs sources, which means all water procedures are using healing abilities of Carlsbad mineral water.

TOP DECT - 5th floor

  • SPA Reception - pool, saunaphytosauna from cedar wood for individuals
  • ambulance for nurses and doctors
  • physiotherapy - physiotherapist performs individual exercises, reflex massage, gas injections
  • inhalation, irrigation, Kneipp baths with mineral water, oxygen therapy, paraffin wraps, underwater massages


On the 2nd floor you will find a complete hydrotherapy as well as a dry massage bath.
Your body can relax here during pearl, peat or herbal baths.
We also work with a professional company that will provide all types of Thai massage for you.


Gym with fitness machines

All electrotherapy procedures, endovacotron, pneumopuncture, magnetotherapy, lymphatic drainage


Salon Cleopatra – chocolate and whey baths to improve skin elasticity and refinement

Royal Derma Clinic Olympia – works with Comfort Zone products – provides facial and body facial treatments and noninvasive mesotransduction

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